Joy in Indian community at first ever positive story in the NY Times - Chandro Tomar ki Jai

The New York times in a shocking new development has just published its first ever positive story about India.

The profile pays glowing tribute to 89 year old Chandro Tomar who picked up shooting at age 65. She is truly a remarkable woman.

What is even more remarkable is that the New York Times featured it. The Times is well known for its rather dim view of India and all things Indian (no no, there is no racism here, the fountain of liberalism knows not and tolerates not any racism). 

Theories for this monumental change are exploding among Indians in the US and globally. The most popular theory of course is the Kamala effect - that the Times will now start publishing rosy stories of India to pay homage to the new Veep. There are other more colorful explanations. Observing that the article came out around the time of the colorful Indian festival of Holi, long time reader and now London based investment magnate RVKR Aman said “ I am sure the Times editors must have been high on bhaang. Bhang is the original stuff, it’s dope man… literally”. 

Another explanation comes from another veteran Times-o-phile and long time New Jersey denizen Dr A D Kar who said, “ Dude, the Times knows gun owners are a big blue ocean market and this is a shameless plug to attract them away from other competing publications like Drudge and Breitbart”. Drudge Report and Breitbart immediately published scathing rebuttals, objecting to being characterized as publications - “ we prefer website” 

Dr Kar may be onto something. In the wake of the article, a very prominent gun rights organization in the US has named Ms. Chandro Tomar a Global Ambassador. Their press release cites the massive untapped potential of India as a market for guns, mentions the skill Ms. Tomar displays with a gun in her hand and of course celebrates the near cult-like status Ms. Tomar has attained in parts of India.

When contacted for a reaction to this news of her being appointed Global Ambassador, Ms. Tomar said on a phone call, “No Ambassador… Only Mruuti!”

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